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Božena studied management and finance at the J. E. Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem, but did not stay in the field and after school; rather she became active in marketing, graphics and IT. She has knowledge of website administration, graphics, marketing, business and customer care and extensive language skills. At Servodata, Božena actively participates […]

Ondra studied mechanical engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague and has also devoted his career to design, construction and CNC production. Among other things, he designs and builds racing motorcycles for the team of the Faculty of Transport, CTU in Prague, CTU Lions, which successfully participates in international competitions. His job in Servodata […]

Introduction of the New CEO
01. 06. 2021, 14:04 from - Category: Servodata Team

As of June 1, 2021, Servodata has a new general director, Miroslav Řezníček.

“Stanley”, as we often call him, has 20 years of experience in various parts of the IT world, from customer support, project and team management, systems administration to the current management of a team of Atlassian specialists who help companies keep their processes in order.

Petr is a manager with twenty years of experience in leading companies and improving business and strategic goals of organizations.

Our Service Desk will handle the requirements of your branches or customers in 13 languages ​​in 24x7x365 mode. We are a technically oriented team and we solve tasks where it is necessary to understand what the services really bring to the client and how he can benefit from them. We resolve everything for you and […]

Servodata a.s. provides protection against cyber attacks to customers in the healthcare sector within the Network Security Monitoring Cluster. Hand in hand with the rise of healthcare digitalisation, the risk of cyber attacks is also growing. Just as we need to be protected from COVID19, it is also necessary to protect our computer infrastructure and […]